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  Lianyungang Dongyuan Food CO.,LTD. was established in June 2002 by a team who has experience of more than 20 years in this field. We apply ourselves to the processing and export of vegetables and fruits. Our factory was located in Huandun Ganyu County which is near 327 national road. There are only 75kilometers between our factory and Lianyungang harbor and 250kilometers between Qingdao harbor. So the transportation is very convenient. The region around Huandun is non-pesticide residue planting base of vegetables and fruits, such as garlic, asparagus, strawberry, blackberry, onion, horseradish, mushroom and so on. And these have provided enough raw materials for the processing of vegetables and fruits. Our company also tries our best to build planting base according to our need and improve the foodstuff security.
  Our company has passed ISO9001 and sanitary registration of food export enterprise. We’ve also established perfect quality management system. The main product of our company is garlic cloves in brine and the annual output is about 2000 tons. We have exported to many countries including Spain, Germany, Poland , Italy , Greece , Denmark , Turkey , Sweden , Russia , Portugal , Mexico , Japan and so on. Now we enjoy a very high reputation around the world.
  With the development of our company, we will increase the output and kinds of the products so that we can meet the needs of more customers at home and abroad. Our tenet: High quality, Competitive price, Excellent service.
  Welcome to cooperate and develop with us!
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